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Energy breakfast - wind power

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Renewables sources of energy represent an unfulfilled potential in Croatia. With excellent predispositions for development of wind, biomass, geothermal and solar energy plants, Croatia is an attractive destination for investments into renewables. Our upcoming Energy Breakfast will focus on the issues and potentials of wind power in Croatia. Organized in cooperation with CMS Zagreb and Vestas Central Europe, takes place on 12 June 2007.   

Nordic Chamber Christmas Celebration

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Nordic Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure of inviting its members, associates and partners to to a celebration of Christmas in Nordic style. The Nordic Christmas party will be held at the Regent Esplanade Zagreb on Tuesday, 18th of December at 20.00 hrs. Featuring a Nordic buffet and performance of traditional music.  

Nordic Days on Energy Efficiency and Environment

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Nordic Days in Croatia, a conference fair organized for the fifth time by Nordic Chamber of Commerce and the Embassies of Denmark, Iceland, Norway and in cooperation with Svea Kanal, will be held on 24-25 November 2008 at Zagreb Fair premises. This year's topic is Energy Efficiency and Environment.

Nordic Days in Croatia 2007 on Innovation and Design

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 Nordic Days in Croatia 2007, organized by the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Croatia and the Embassies of Denmark, Finland and Norway, will take place in Zagreb on 29-30 October 2007. The theme this year is 'Innovation & Design' and around 100 companies from the Nordic countries are expected to participate. 

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