Business breakfast: A Humanistic Economy


Nordic Chamber of Commerce organized on 16 June 2010 business breakfast with the guest speaker from Norway, Mrs. Irene Nygårdsvik, Owner and manager of company Spekulatoriet. The topic of the lecture was A Humanistic Economy - Life-enriching businesses with life-enriching bottom lines.  Business breakfast was well attended and an interesting discussion followed after the presentation.

Business breakfast on Intellectual Property-Defining Strategic Goals for a Company


Nordic Chamber of Commerce  organized on 10 March 2010 Business breakfast on Intellectual Property – Defining Strategic Goals for a Company.

The event took place at The Regent Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb from 9:30 to 11.30 am. The guest speker was Mr. Mladen Vukmir, Founder VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES, Patent and Trademark Agents. To view images, please visit Photo gallery.

KONCAR generators and transformers in Swedish and Finnish hydropower plants



KONČAR – Generators and Motors has successfully carried out a trial run of its generator 6.2 MVA, 333 rpm produced for the hydropower plant Iggesund. The company signed a contract with Swedish company NEA Gruppen for production and delivery of generator, control over installation, testing and commissioning.

KONČAR - Distribution and Special Transformers Inc. produced and delivered three generator power transformers of 50 MVA for Finnish company Pohjolan Voima Oy (PVO). Transformers will be implemented in a couple of dozen hydropower plants on the river Iijoki that are being reconstructed at the moment. 

Lectures by Mr Robert Kakarigi, author of National Geographic Hrvatska


In cooperation with Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Croatia,  Mr. Robert Kakarigi, specialist on sustainable development  and best known for his articles and photographs published in Croatian and international issues of National Geographic magazine will give a series of public lectures on Norwegian mountains, COP 15 and Sami people. The lectures will take place at Novinarski Dom (Journalist House) and Europski dom (Europe House) in Zagreb. First lecture Jotunheimen -the home of the giants was held on 4 February at Novinarski dom, Perkovčeva 2, 18:30h.

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