Business breakfast on Intellectual Property-Defining Strategic Goals for a Company


Nordic Chamber of Commerce  organized on 10 March 2010 Business breakfast on Intellectual Property – Defining Strategic Goals for a Company.

The event took place at The Regent Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb from 9:30 to 11.30 am. The guest speker was Mr. Mladen Vukmir, Founder VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES, Patent and Trademark Agents. To view images, please visit Photo gallery.





Intellectual Property – Defining Strategic Goals for a Company

Mladen Vukmir, Founder VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES, Patent and Trademark Agents

Intellectual Property is but a property, but learning to perceive it properly changes the way a company operates. Croatian economy is at the watershed in respect of the use of IP and every day there is another company that makes a decision on its use of IPRs. Many entrepreneurs often think about intellectual property as a bunch of files containing references to some rights of undefined scope whose existence will be tested and determined upon infringement in an unpleasant court procedure. But the main opportunity of using IPRs will often be missed. For, intellectual property, although it is essentially of legal nature it is primarily a business asset, and as such it is of strategic nature. In other words, while IPRs are legal rights, at the same time their main function is to serve as a “container” for the intangible asset they protect, a valuable competitive business tool. Once properly perceived, IPRs will become a transformative management tool. It is important to understand that creation of protectable new products and services will not only yield added value – the process will often revolutionise a company from within.

Witness how a company may start empowering itself at the market by embracing IPRs and how development of new products and services will be influenced and reshaped once a company learns how to play the protection game. Achieving integral protection, where all protectable bits and pieces of innovation and accumulated reputation are protected through proper use of patents, trademarks, copyrights, business secrets, designs and/or other appropriate IPRs will results with a great transformation for a company that embraces this game. Learn from the global leaders and their policies and practices in protecting IPRs.