COP 15 - from the perspective of Mr Robert Kakarigi

COP 15

In cooperation with Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Croatia,  Mr. Robert Kakarigi continues with his series of lectures. Multimedia public lecture "The green wave riders inside the Copenhagen tsunami" took place at The Europe House Zagreb, Jurišićeva1/I on Thursday, 11 February 2010 at 18:00 hrs.


Dear members and colleagues,

 We would like to provide you with two announcements from our member companies that you might find interesting:

1. DCS A/S (Danish Camp Supply) is offering its warehouse facility in Slavonski Brod for sale. The warehouse was owned by DCS since 1998. It has capacity of 2700 m2 of storage for dry, chilled and frozen products. For more information, please see attached document and contact Mr. Petar Reljic at +385 35 210 911.

2. Premium offer at World Class Health Club: It is a well known fact that being involved in some sort of physical activity will benefit you in a long run. One of the best ways to reward your body and mind is to become a member in World Class Health Academy, a premium provider of fitness and wellness services in Zagreb. Take advantage of the offer - join until 28.2. and save 4.300 HRK - get a yearly membership @ 6.500 HRK. Read more in the attached document or call World Class at 01/6110055 or send them an e-mail at

Also, please remember to sign up for our upcoming business breakfast with CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz, branch office Zagreb (Regent Esplanade, 19.2. at 09:30). Mr. Gregor Famira, partner, will discuss the topic 'Liability of Managers'. For more information, please contact us as soon as possible.

Best regards

Executive office of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce

Zagrebtower, Radnicka 80
HR - 10000 Zagreb


telephone +385 1 5393 751, +385 1 5393 753
fax +385 1 5393 754


Human Resources Academy - first session held

 Sample ImageThe first session of the HR Academy was held today (04.11) at the premises of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce. Barbara Ruzic of Artis Rei was the expert lecturer, with years of experience in the field of human resources. A small group of participants was engaged in a dynamic 2 hour session, with started with a short introduction to HR activities, and gave an overview of the most common issues and practices in HR today. Experiences from daily practice were shared within the group..

Nordic Days 2009 - Green, Clean & Sustainable

 ND2009Business conference Nordic Days 2009 Green, Clean & Sustainable took place from 2 to 4 November in Zagreb, Slavonski Brod and Belgrade. The event gathered 25 Nordic and around 150 Croatian/SEE participants from green, clean and sustainable development sectors. First day was held in Zagreb where companies held business meetings according to their pre-arranged schedules. In addition, participants were able to attend 15 educational seminars held by experts from topic related sectors. On the second day Nordic participants visited Slavonski Brod and Đuro Đaković company. The third day Nordic companies held business meetings in Belgrade, also based on pre-arranged schedules.

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