News from Nordic Countries

Stockholm among EU’s richest regions

People in the Swedish capital are in average richer than both other Swedes and other Europeans, according to a new study ranking Stockholm among EU's top ten richest regions... 

Organics' growth set to continue

Exports and imports of organic foods are growing like a weed, Danish citizens remain the world’s largest consumers of organics per capita. Of all the foods sold in Denmark, more than seven percent are organic...

Sweden most innovative in the EU

Sweden has ended up on the first place on the European Commission's ranking of the EU-countries when it comes to innovation in 2011. The ranking includes all 27 EU-member states...

Norway to start surveys in the Barents Sea

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has announced that the Norwegian Government intends to start additional seismic surveys further north in the previously disputed area of the Barents Sea.

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