Finnish healthcare technology has global appeal

Planmeca Group, with a significant Finnish ownership, manufactures high tech dental equipment and is one of the leaders of the healthcare technology sector.

Kadeco to share algae production opportunities at European Algae Biomass Conference 2013

Kadeco, the Icelandic development company, will be sharing the algae production opportunities at the Ásbru Enterprise Park

Swedish Banks Make Money by Saying No to Cash

If you’re looking for Swedish cash, don’t go to a Swedish bank. Most of the country’s biggest lenders, SEB AB, Swedbank AB (SWEDA) and Nordea Bank AB (NDA), have stopped manual cash-handling services

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International business organisations' measures for business climate improvement

International business organisations in Croatia, among them Nordic Chamber of Commerce, proposed five measures for the Croatian business climate improvement at the press conference on Friday, 19 April 2013, at the Hotel Esplanade.

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