Christmas - a time of giving

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Nordic Chamber member invites you to consider a special way to give, if your company is considering a donation to charity this Christmas. We know how much these tokens of care mean to those without family and parents' support and at the same time, your donation should build awareness and open minds. Why not give something in tune with the holiday period, someting exciting and inspiring? A visit to the country where Santa Claus sets off from every year - Finland!











The end of the year is getting nearer, and soon we will be contemplating and making decisions about what to buy for our family and close friends for the upcoming holidays. Busy schedule and numerous tasks don't leave many free time to remember those who won't spend their Christmas holidays with their family. We also know very well how much those little tokens of care mean to all those who miss family and parents' support, and at the same time we build our awareness of the children who grow up in foster homes. Charity and donations organized by a growing number of companies is a nice way of showing that we care. We know that the moment when a child shows a wide and happy smile is simply uncomparable to anything else, and at that moment we know that the effort was worth it. 

If you are prepairing some charity work or donation, why wouldn't you give something in tune with the upcoming period, something exciting and inspiring? A travel to the country from which Santa Claus sets off every winter, on his sleigh - a travel to Finland, where children will meet this good-natured old man, is definitely a present that will leave every child breathless. 

For more information, please contact - Ms. Silvana Turcic, phone; 6102-051, mail