Sixt franchise integrated with Atlas d.d.

Sample Image group announced that the franchise holder for the Sixt Rent-a-Car for the territory of Croatia and Bosnia – Herzegovina would become the company Atlas d.d., member of group.






The purpose of the decision is to consolidate and simplify the business as well as to intergrate the operations within Atlas d.d.


Although Sixt is the newest rent-a-car agency in Croatia, since its arrival in 2002 and with a fleet of less then 100 vehicles, it managed to achieve the biggest number of leases, the yearly income of over 50 million EUR, and build up the biggest fleet of over 1.200 vehicles in peek season in 2007. Today, Sixt is the market leader with over 30% of share and 13 offices in Croatia and Bosnia. As the member of the Chamber, Sixt offers special benefits to other members.